Article by Satrix Investments

In celebration of Women’s Day 2019, 400 smart and curious women gathered at the Johannesburg Stock Exchange to attend the JSE’s She Invests Arena. Now in it’s second year, this event seeks to empower women on and at all levels.

The energy in the foyer of the JSE as hundreds of sassy, smart women pour into the venue, eager to share and learn, is magical. Each woman has purchased a ticket and has set aside a Saturday in the middle of a long weekend to learn about investing – both on the stock market and in themselves. The morning begins with mimosa cocktails and there is no doubt that the future is most certainly female.

Satrix, as are the many sponsors who make this day happen, is invested in expanding people’s knowledge of investing and committed to teaching them how. The Satrix brand has always stood for inclusion and access. To this end our online investment platform SatrixNOW allows anyone to become an investor. There is no minimum amount required and through our Satrix Access Range, anyone can OWN THE MARKET.

On the day, the Satrix team is at hand to assist with questions attendees have with regards to their own Satrix investments or how to invest with Satrix. Through these one-on-one interactions, investors learn and gather investment knowledge with which to empower themselves. And the Satrix team walks away with valuable insights into what our investors want and need. This is a win-win for everyone and an occasion we very much enjoy being part of.

The JSE has already opened pre-registration for 2020 so if you missed this one, there is always next year.

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