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The Satrix journey

We can hardly believe it’s been 16 years since we launched the first ETF in South Africa. Nov 2000 saw our flagship fund, the Satrix 40 ETF list on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange and it still remains a popular choice among investors. Today Satrix has 7 ETFs, 14 Unit Trusts and a Retirement Plan, giving our clients a range of choices to suit their needs. The index-tracking arena has been anything but passive, and as the environment has evolved, so have we.

Access to Satrix

Satrix has always been accessible to all South Africans.  In 2006 we launched the Satrix Investment Plan, an answer to the dilemma that one needed a stock-broking account and fairly large sums of money to invest in the stock market. It allowed you to invest as little as R300 per month or a lump sum of R1000 in Satrix ETFs.

Our first index-tracking Unit Trusts were launched in 2008 and are available directly from the MANCO or via LISPS, with minimums of R500 per month or a lump sum of R10 000. We’ve recently launched the Satrix Money Market Index Fund for the investor who wants to diversify into a less risky asset class.

At the end of 2015 we teamed up with EasyEquities to launch SatrixNOW, our online investment platform with a ground-breaking feature of NO MINIMUM investment amount. This removed all barriers to investing and truly democratised the market.

Coming soon!

New ETFs

  • Up until now, Satrix ETFs have been equity-only products. We are excited to be adding two new asset classes in the form of the Satrix Property ETF and the Satrix ILBI ETF. These new funds will be available on both the Satrix Investment Plan and SatrixNOW.
  • Expanding into International ETFs is also high on the agenda for the coming year.

UTs online

  • We understand the frustrations that our Unit Trust clients are experiencing due to the lack of online access. We are working feverishly on getting our Unit Trusts onto the SatrixNOW platform where you will be able to transact and view your balances daily. Please look out for further communication on this via e-mail.

Website makeover

  • You would have noticed our website has undergone a revamp! We hope you find it easy to navigate and enjoy the fresh new look.


Satrix products

Satrix offers ETFs, Unit Trusts and a Retirement Plan. All Satrix ETFs and Unit Trusts are available as Tax free Savings Accounts. 

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