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The most thoughtful gift you can give

Choosing the right gift can be agonizing. Have you ever thought of giving an investment as a gift?

A SatrixNOW investment voucher is a smart gift choice for anyone. With a minimum of just R50, it suits any budget and occasion. is Satrix’s digital investment platform which has made investing on the stock market, easy, simple and low cost for everyone.

Added to this, SatrixNOW has introduced the unique feature of investment gift vouchers. They work much the same way any gift voucher does, only the value is invested in a Satrix ETF listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange, rather than something you buy today and have forgotten tomorrow.

An investment voucher is a smart gift choice for anyone – adults, teens, little kids …. It’s a far better choice than the old hundred-bucks-in-a-card number, or a toy they get bored of. For small children, it shows that you’re buying into their future by giving a gift that grows with them. For older kids, it shows that you have confidence in their ability to start making grownup decisions.

Giving someone a SatrixNOW investment voucher shows you’re thinking about their futureand it's great for you too, as it takes the headache out of gift shopping!

You can use your SatrixNOW account to send investment gift vouchers online. The administration cost will be 1% plus VAT. For example, if you decided to give someone a voucher worth R100, the administration cost would be R1.14, so you would need to deposit R101.14 in order to send a voucher worth R100 - just think of it as the cost of gift wrapping!

To BUY a voucher, follow these 3 easy steps below –

Step 1: Register on SatrixNOW

Create your account and upload your FICA documents.

Step 2: Deposit

Deposit money directly into your account. The minimum investment voucher value you are able to purchase is R50.

Step 3: Purchase a voucher

Select ‘Vouchers’ from the ‘Invest’ drop down menu.

Input the amount you’d like to spend and follow the simple steps to email a voucher along with a thoughtful message to a loved one.


For the recipient to REDEEM the voucher you’ve bought for them, they will also need to –

Step 1: Register on SatrixNOW

Create their account and upload their FICA documents.

Step 2: Deposit

Fund their account by redeeming their voucher.

Step 3: Invest

Select the Satrix ETF they want to invest in. Their trade will be confirmed via e-mail.

Why don’t you make gift shopping a whole lot less stressful this year and shop from your desk at


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