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See some pics from our JSE listing event

On Tuesday 25 July Satrix was back at the JSE for their second listing event for 2017. This time to list a suite of 3 Satrix global ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) that allow investors access to both developed and emerging markets across the world.

It was a memorable event - the guests counted down to the first trade at 9am and Helena Conradie blew the traditional kudu horn to mark the listing. And yes, in true Easy Equities style there was a party bus to celebrate the new Satrix funds (thanks #TeamEasy!)

In her address Helena said that “Satrix has one purpose only: our investors. As an industry we have a moral duty to uphold the trust they place in us. Satrix will continue to write real stories in the lives of real people.”

A very proud Satrix team!

Some more pics from the event:

POSTED : 26 JULY 2017

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