SatrixNOW Adviser PlatformSatrix ManagersLinked Investment Service Providers
As a Financial Adviser, you can register to access our SatrixNOW Adviser platform and gain access to invest your clients in Satrix ETFs and unit trusts. The platform is easy to access and offers you the convenience of SatrixNOW.  

Please contact us via email at to register. If you require a form to complete a client instruction, please email us at
If you wish to invest your client in Satrix unit trusts, please contact us via email at or call our unit trust call centre on 0860 111 401.Satrix unit trusts (both local and international funds) are available on all major Linked Investment Service Provider platforms (LISPs).   
Satrix ETFs are also now accessible through various LISPs. Glacier, Discovery, Momentum Wealth, and Ninety One currently offer Satrix ETFs on their platforms.  
Financial Advisers may approach any LISP to make Satrix products available on their platform, subject to the unique requirements of each LISP.  
Please contact your preferred Linked Investment Service Provider directly for more information.