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The complexity of investing can put anyone off. We exist to make it simple. Our investment platform, SatrixNOW,   
puts a choice selection of low-cost, award-winning funds at your fingertips. And with no minimums,   
you can start building a portfolio to be proud of, today.

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The SatrixNOW platform gives you the tools to make, manage and monitor your investments anytime from anywhere. Keep that power in your pocket via the app or kick it old school through the online portal. Signing up now is a small action with big benefits.

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Getting Started

An Introduction to Tracker Funds

Considerations with ETFs or Unit Trusts

Benefits of Tax-free Investing

Index tracking funds do exactly what the name suggests - they track or replicate a particular index.

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Satrix offers both Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and Unit Trusts - here are some important considerations when deciding which one is right for you.

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Have a look below to see how tax-free savings accounts work, then click here for funds options.

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Let’s set your imagination free. Choose any amount you might have invested, select one of our top performing funds, enter the year you were so diligent, sit back and witness the power of investing. If that number were real, how would you feel?



Where applicable dividends are reinvested. This calculation only includes fund charges (platform & admin fees are excluded).


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Fraud Awareness

Satrix does not use WhatsApp groups, reps or salespeople to solicit investments.
Be alert of scammers promising overnight returns! If you are unsure, contact us.