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Investing your money is exciting. But it requires some thought to select the right fund (or funds) for your specific needs. Here we outline four steps to help you find your match.

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The ups and downs of life and financial markets can make it difficult to invest consistently. Having a plan will help you stay the course.


At the very least, such a plan should include the reason you are investing (what is your goal?), the time you have to invest (what is your horizon?) and how much risk you are willing, and able, to take (what is your asset allocation?).


What do successful investment plans have in common? They give your money the chance to grow by taking a long-term approach, being conscious of fees, and using diversification to manage risk.

We offer you three investment accounts on SatrixNOW that cater for most investor needs:


Standard Account

Gives you access to all the low-cost Satrix ETFs and unit trust investments. These products ‘pool’ together investors' money inside a single fund, giving you exposure to a basket of assets through a single, easy-to-manage transaction. They are liquid, highly regulated and transparent. Learn more about ETFs and unit trust


Tax-Free Account

All Satrix ETFs and unit trusts are available as tax-free investments. And because you pay no tax on your interest, dividends or capital gains, your money compounds and grows faster. They are ideal for achieving long-term financial goals. Learn more about tax-free investing


Retirement Annuity Account

You can only access the money in this investment account when you turn 55.It's a rule to save us from ourselves. But, any contribution you make, is tax deductible which puts more money in your pocket today. It's not often our present and future selves are happy at the same time.


In choosing a fund, or funds, it helps to start by asking yourself the following question: Am I saving or investing?


In general, emergency funds and short-term financial goals are suited to money-market or fixed-income funds. They maintain the purchasing power of your money by generating returns in line with inflation at low levels of risk. Broadly, that's considered saving.


For medium- to long-term goals, you can take a little more risk in return for growing your money above inflation, making you wealthier. Pure equity funds offer the greatest potential reward but come with the highest risk. Multi-asset funds blend equity exposure with other asset classes to reduce risk, while keeping alive the potential for real returns.

Once you have a better idea of why you're investing and which account and fund type make sense for you, the next step is to open your SatrixNOW account and start your investment journey - it's one of those rare small actions with big upside.


Start Investing Now


Breadth of Product

We offer a broad range of ETFs and unit trusts that give you access to local and global indices. Find out more.


Invest Online 

SatrixNOW allows you to access investing online and you can invest any amount you choose because we have no minimums. Set up a debit order or deposit a lump sum.

Investing 101

Investing 101

Investing your money is exciting but it can be daunting if you are new to investing and financial markets. Investing 101 is here to help you start your journey.