What Do You Get When You Open a SatrixNOW Account?

A standard investment account

A tax-free savings account

Retirement annuity accounts are opened upon your request

5 Things You'll Love About the SatrixNOW Platform

Just Start - with SatrixNOW in 5 Easy Steps

Create Login Credentials

To start, provide your email address for your SatrixID account and create your username and password login credentials.


Then set up 2-Factor Authentication (2FA) to add a second layer of protection to your account.

Create Your Profile

Select your profile type and complete your personal information.


Answer a few simple Know Your Client (KYC) questions as part of the FICA regulations and accept the Terms & Conditions.

Fund Your Account

Your final step will be to fund your account so you can start building your investment portfolio.

A Great Place to Start


The Satrix Access Range is a great place to begin your investment journey. It includes four of our flagship funds that cater for a range of investment horizons and risk appetites.

Access Range

It Feels Good to Give


Want to show someone you really care? A SatrixNOW investment voucher is a gift they won't forget. The minimum voucher amount is R50, so the gift of an investment is suited to any occasion and pocket.

Watch the short video to find out more >

Vouchers have an administration cost of 1% plus VAT and can only be redeemed in the standard SatrixNOW investment accounts.