Investing Responsibly

How to Make More Money with Your Money

Many investors came before you. Their gift to you? Hard lessons learned that you could benefit from. Here are five important ones:


After adjusting for inflation, the S&P 500 has returned -10% per annum for the last 90 years. Using the rule of 72 (72/annualised return = number of years to double your money), investors in the S&P 500 have doubled their money every 7.2 years.

It has roughly doubled your money every 7 years1 for almost a century. Studies, many of them, show that the average investor does not beat the market by picking individual stocks.

Set yourself short, medium, and long-term financial goals, then craft a strategy to help you reach them – enlist the help of a financial adviser if need be.

You know this already – the longer you stay invested, the greater your wealth thanks to the mathematical magic of compounding.

Don’t wait until the end of the month to invest anything left over – set up a monthly debit order for as much as you can afford to invest.

If R10 a month is all you have, that’s fine, there’s no scoreboard here. Small consistent investments tend to snowball into large figures.


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Investing 101

Investing your money is exciting but it can be daunting if you are new to investing and financial markets. Investing 101 is here to help you start your journey.