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Satrix specialises in index-tracking products. Always look at the benchmark to see which index each product tracks.

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First Time Investor

Too much choice can sometimes lead to indecision, particularly in the world of investing. The simplicity of our Access Range, comprised of just four flagship strategies, is designed to help you take action.

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Our multi-asset strategies provide a solution for investors who want balance without having to DIY. Importantly, these funds are Regulation 28 compliant which means they can be used for retirement savings.

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Sustainable Strategies

If you want your investments to uplift the environment, society and governance practices while generating a return, then our impact strategies may be suitable. The integration of ESG factors has also been shown to lower investment risk.

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Global Strategies

International markets offer investment themes you won't find at home. Our global strategies give you exposure to those opportunities, adding new sources of return and diversification to your portfolio, without you having to take money offshore.

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Local Strategies

Through our local strategies, you can get cost-effective exposure to the SA equity market as a whole, its Top 40 shares or to specific industries and sectors. You can also access complementary asset classes like SA bonds, property and cash.

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Factor Strategies

Different equity 'styles' perform well at different times. Using our factor strategies, you can gain targeted exposure to momentum, value or quality styles. Alternatively, combine them using our multi-factor approach.


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31 January 2024

All Satrix products track an index. To understand what you’re investing in, look at the index composition below of each product. This information gives you more detail about the index which your product tracks and indicates the exposure to various sectors and asset classes (if applicable).  Also, by clicking on ‘constituent details’ you can view the individual securities and their weights held in the index which your chosen product tracks.


31 January 2024


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Compare Satrix Products Performance 

Compare the performance of two Satrix products with each other. Choose a second product below to compare performance with the one you are currently investigating. You can also determine the time frame over which you’d like to make this comparison.

An individual’s investment performance and the Portfolio NAV may differ from the indicators in the graph as a result of other factors such as brokerage fees, acquisition prices, portfolio costs, management fees, dividend declarations and reinvestment, and withholding taxes, where applicable. 

This investment performance is for illustrative purposes only. The investment performance is calculated by taking into account JSE closing prices. Past performance is not indicative of future performance.