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Effective 1 March 2023, all Absa’s NewFunds exchange traded funds (ETFs) have moved to Satrix. 


If you wish to invest in one of these funds, you can choose to do so via EasyEquities or a stockbroker:

Via EasyEquities
Visit or contact them via their helpdesk by logging a ticket here

Via a Stockbroker

A registered member of the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (i.e. a stockbroker) can carry out your buy or sell order through the JSE's trading system. Please click here for a list of all registered stockbrokers of the JSE.

If you have any questions, please contact us: or 011 784 0641.              

A list of the funds that moved on 1 March are:

Old NewFunds Portfolio NamesNew Satrix Portfolio Names
1. NewFunds Shariah Top 40 Index ETF Portfolio1. Satrix Shari’ah Top 40 ETF
2. NewFunds ILBI Exchange Traded Fund Portfolio2. Satrix ILBI ETF
3. NewFunds S&P GIVI South Africa Top 50 Index ETF Portfolio3. Satrix S&P GIVI South Africa Top 50 ETF
4. NewFunds Equity Momentum Exchange Traded Fund Portfolio4. Satrix Equity Momentum ETF
5. NewFunds TRACI 3 Month Exchange Traded Fund Portfolio5. Satrix TRACI 3 Month ETF
6. NewFunds Multi Asset Passive Portfolio Solutions Protect Exchange Traded Fund Portfolio6. Satrix Multi Asset Passive Portfolios Solutions Protect ETF
7. NewFunds Multi Asset Passive Portfolio Solutions Growth Exchange Traded Fund Portfolio7. Satrix Multi Asset Passive Portfolio Solutions Growth ETF
8. NewFunds Low-Volatility ETF8. Satrix Low Volatility ETF
9. NewFunds Value Equity ETF9. Satrix Value Equity ETF
10. NewFunds GOVI Exchange Traded Fund Portfolio10. Satrix GOVI ETF
11. NewFunds S&P Namibia Bond ETF11. Satrix S&P Namibia Bond ETF