Investing for Your Child with Satrix

Open a SatrixNOW account on behalf of your child and help set them up for a solid financial future

Investing on behalf of your children – or other children in your life - can give them a fantastic head start in life. 

Minors have the benefit of time on their side. The earlier they start their investment journey, the more time they spend being in the market, harnessing the value of compounding growth. It’s easy to start a Satrix investment, as you’re able to contribute any amount and compound interest can make small sums grow exponentially over the years.

It’s really beneficial to involve children in the investment process as soon as you feel they’re old enough, as they can gain a sense of ownership over their portfolio from a young age. Consider empowering them to earn their investment contributions through household chores and ‘kidtrepreneurial’ activities. Show them where their money is invested and take time to explain how things like exchange traded funds (ETFs) work. If they’re comfortable with the investment landscape at age 12, imagine how much market mastery they’ll possess as adults.

Here is a breakdown on all you need to know about opening a SatrixNOW account on behalf of a minor:

When to Open an Investment Account for a Minor

The best time to start investing for a minor is as soon as they are born. Starting early helps to maximise overall returns and build a portfolio over time. Starting early also means that one could consider taking on more risk and be more aggressive with an investment portfolio, with the knowledge that, with the benefit of time, the portfolio can weather short-term market fluctuations and move in an upward trajectory in the long-term.

How to Open a Minor’s Investment Account 

A parent or legal guardian must have a FICA-verified SatrixNOW account to get started. Once the parent’s account is open, select the “Add your Child’s Account” option from your profile menu and follow the four steps outlined to open an account for your child. The process is quick and straightforward. A welcome email will be sent with the new account's username with a prompt to create a password. A second email will be sent between 24-36 hours, indicating that the account has been verified and is ready to fund.

Can Extended Family or Friends Open an Account for Minors? 

Only parents and legal guardians can open investment accounts for minors, but extended family or friends can fund the minor’s SatrixNOW account using a debit order authority form, which can be found in our help centre or you can request it from our client engagement team ( The form needs to be signed by the bank account holder and parent or guardian and submitted to our client engagement team with and copy of their (extended family member’s) ID.

What Happens to the Investment Account When the Minor Turns 18 

When a minor turns 18 and has full contractual ability (i.e., is legally an adult) , the investment account is transferred to them on their 18th birthday.  An email is sent out to the email address on record (parent or guardian’s) detailing the process to be followed to transfer the account to the 18 year-old account holder.

Can a Minor Make Withdrawals and/or Investment Decisions While Under 18? 

No, the minor child cannot make legal decisions on their investments until they are 18. The parent or legal guardian will act as an Authorised User on the minor’s account. This is not to say that older children can’t be involved in the process! We encourage parents and/or guardians to take your children along on the investment journey from as early as possible.

What Type of Products are Best to Include in a Minor’s Investment Account 

The Satrix Access Range is a great place to start, offering access to the market in a diversified manner and at a low cost. This range includes four of our flagship funds catering to a range of investment horizons and risk appetites with both local and global exposure.

Tax Implications of Opening an Investment Account for a Minor 

If a parent makes an investment on behalf of a minor, all income, dividends, and interest earned from the parent’s investment will be taxed. This applies to income received by minor children, stepchildren, and adopted children. If any stocks are sold and there is a capital gain, this amount must be included in the parents’ capital gains calculation.

Another consideration is that an individual can donate up to R100 000 tax-free annually. Amounts over R100 000 will be subject to donations tax (current rate is 20%). A minor child’s investment does not form part of a parent or guardian’s estate. Should a parent or guardian pass away, the minor’s investment will not be subject to estate duty and other taxes.

Just Start with SatrixNOW

An investment is an incredible gift to give a child, and it can be made even more special if they are included in the process from a young age. Understanding the investing landscape and developing positive saving and investing habits early on, will set children up with strong financial foundations that’ll stand them in good stead for the rest of their lives. 

We make investing effortless for you and your children, so let’s get them started on their investment journey today. 


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