Satrix IndexMore Fireside Chat with BlackRock’s Stephen Cohen

Asset managers leverage emerging trends to enhance client resilience in 2023.

Satrix and Blackrock’s iShares shared the big trends that are playing out in a very turbulent 2023 during a recent IndexMore fireside chat with Stephen Cohen, Head of EMEA at BlackRock and Kingsley Williams, Chief Investment Officer at Satrix.

Satrix’s relationship with BlackRock enables us to bring South African investors a wide range of global products, themes, and industry-leading innovations, furthering our industry-leading position in ETFs and indexation. 

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About IndexMore:

IndexMore is an educational collaboration between Satrix, South Africa’s leading index manager and BlackRock’s iShares, one of the largest ETF providers globally. Our purpose is to provide appropriate and targeted content to the South African investor which leverages the skills and insights of both ETF providers. 

About iShares:

iShares unlocks opportunity across markets to meet the evolving needs of investors. With more than twenty years of experience, a global line-up of 900+ exchange traded funds (ETFs) and $3.15 trillion in assets under management as at March 31, 2022, iShares continues to drive progress for the financial industry. iShares funds are powered by the expert portfolio and risk management of BlackRock.

*Source: BlackRock and Markit, as at 24 November 2022. Past flows into global ETPs are not a guide to current or future flows and should not be the sole factor of consideration when selecting a product.

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Future key trends in asset management

Listen to our Chief Investment Officer, Kingsley Williams and BlackRock’s Stephen Cohen, Head of EMEA, discuss some of the key industry trends shaping the asset and wealth management industry.


Investor demand for sustainable investing

During a recent Satrix IndexMore fireside chat, Stephen Cohen, Head of EMEA at BlackRock, told Satrix Chief Investment Officer Kingsley Williams that he is seeing real investor demand for sustainable investment solutions, with Europe leading the way. Hear more about what is driving this trend.


A new regime opens new doors of opportunity

In discussion with Satrix CIO Kingsley Williams, at a recent Satrix IndexMore fireside chat, BlackRock’s Head of EMEA, Stephen Cohen, describes the new investment era as one of high, and sticky, inflation. Watch the video to find out why he sees opportunity in healthcare and tech-driven innovation.


Exchange-traded funds gather momentum

Stephen Cohen, Head of EMEA at BlackRock, believes we’re at a tipping point for the adoption of exchange-traded funds (ETFs), particularly in Europe. He shares his views in a recent Satrix IndexMore fireside chat with Satrix CIO Kingsley Williams. Watch the video to find out more.


Innovation will drive ETF growth globally

Stephen Cohen, Head of EMEA at BlackRock, recently sat down with our CIO, Kingsley Williams, to discuss the ETF growth story and where they see adoption and penetration.


Hope and retirement are global investor challenges 

In a recent IndexMore fireside chat, our CIO Kingsley Williams and BlackRock’s EMEA CEO, Stephen Cohen, discussed the importance of hope and providing retirement opportunities for investors. Listen to the interview here as they discuss this, and more trends facing the industry.



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