Satrix IndexMore | Geopolitical and Macro Outlook

Nico Katzke, Head of Portfolio Solutions at Satrix, led a panel discussion on navigating geopolitical impacts on investments with experts from BlackRock and Satrix. 

During our recent IndexMore panel discussion, in collaboration with BlackRock, the panellists shared their views on some of the biggest challenges and opportunities investors face today. The recording is included below, should you wish to watch it again.

Nico Katzke, Head of Portfolio Solutions at Satrix*, led the panel discussion with Laura Cooper, Senior Investment Strategist for EMEA iShares, BlackRock; Catherine Kress, Head of Geopolitical Research & Strategy, BlackRock; and Kingsley Williams, Chief Investment Officer at Satrix.

Our panel of experts covered the following topics: 

  • Current geopolitical tensions and global mega-forces shaping the investment landscape.
  • The status of the US-China relationship and BlackRock’s view on its evolution in the coming years.
  • Geopolitical fragmentation: Establishing a new world order for trade and military cooperation?
  • BlackRock’s views on opportunities in a new regime of higher interest rates, stagnating economic growth and geopolitical fragmentation.
  • Cash vs Bonds globally: Are investors sufficiently compensated for taking on high duration risk?
  • Real assets: A useful ballast to growth assets in the current economic environment.

CTA: Watch On Demand Recording here.



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