Satrix, South Africa’s leading provider of index-tracking products, has been named the 2022 Best Fund House – Larger Fund Range in South Africa by Morningstar, a global financial services firm. This is a second win for Satrix, the first index-tracking house to receive this award in 2021. 

The Morningstar Awards honour managers that have added the most value for investors within their peer group.

The Best Fund House – Larger Fund Range category recognises the fund house with the strongest performing fund line-up on a risk-adjusted basis over a one-, three-, and five-year history. Fund houses that qualify for this award must have at least 10 eligible funds, with a minimum five-year track record in the Morningstar database.  The Morningstar Awards play an important role in the fund management industry because their use of historical data highlights those houses that give consistently strong performance.


Kingsley Williams, CIO of Satrix, credits the win in large part to a team of people who are passionate about using the power of index investing to grow wealth for all South Africans. 



* Satrix is an authorised Financial Services Provider and Manager in terms of CISCA