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Satrix Balanced

This fund invests in stocks, bonds, cash and listed property both locally and globally - for great overall diversification.

The Satrix Balanced Index Fund tracks the proprietary Satrix Balanced Index and offers diversified exposure to all the key local and international asset classes. The local equity component tracks the proprietary Satrix SmartCore(TM) Index, which offers multi-factor exposure to these expected long-term drivers of excess return: value, quality and momentum.

Why Choose Satrix Balanced

Diversified across asset classes and geographies for optimal risk-adjusted returns A balanced mix of growth and income-generating assets in one portfolio while seeking to provide inflation beating returns over the long term Local equity component tracks the Satrix SmartCore™ Index for optimal exposures to value, quality and momentum factors

Index Composition

  • Financials 13.53%
  • Basic Materials 8.29%
  • Technology 6.14%
  • 4.63%
  • Telecommunications 4.30%
  • Consumer Staples 3.45%
  • Consumer Discretionary 2.19%
  • Energy 1.93%
  • Real Estate 1.06%
  • Industrials 0.82%

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Effective Annual Cost

The Effective Annual Cost (EAC) is a measure which has been introduced to allow you to compare the cost you incur when you invest in different financial products. It is expressed as a percentage of your investment amount. The EAC is made up of four charges, which are added together, as shown in the table below. Some of the charges may vary, depending on your investment period. The EAC calculation assumes that an investor terminates his or her investment in the financial product at the end of the relevant periods shown in the table.


Why the Satrix Retirement Plan?

The Satrix Retirement Plan offers access to a retirement fund investment vehicle that is both tax-efficient and offers underlying investment choice.

Download MDD Invest Now

If you already have a SatrixNOW account, you will have the option to activate a RA, Provident Preservation Fund or Pension Preservation Fund. If you don't already have a SatrixNow account, you can register here, and then activate the relevant Retirement Plan account.

Your contributions are tax deductible against your income and all growth in the investment is tax free. You can start a regular monthly contribution or makes lump sum payments as you like. The investment is flexible in that you can stop and start your contributions without penalties. The low cost, transparent, fee structure ensures that you maximise your retirement growth.

As your investment is geared for retirement you can only start to access the funds when you reach age 55, at which point you are able to take one third of the money you have saved as a lump sum (subject to taxation) and the rest you must use to purchase an annuity which will pay you a monthly amount into retirement.

If you have resigned or been retrenched, and you have a Provident Fund or Pension Fund in place, you can transfer your investment to a Satrix Provident Preservation Fund or a Satrix Pension Preservation Fund.

Who should invest in the Satrix Retirement Plan?

If you are self-employed, or you do not belong to a pension or provident fund.

If you wish to supplement existing retirement savings.

If you receive income which is not taken into account when contributing to an existing pension or provident fund.

If you are looking for a tax-efficient way to save for retirement.