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Satrix Equally Weighted Top 40

It's all in the name! This unit trust invests in the largest 40 companies listed on the JSE and holds them in equal weights.

This unit trust tracks the FTSE/JSE Equally Weighted Top 40 Index. The Index includes the largest 40 companies on the JSE (as ranked by investable market cap), but each is held in equal weight i.e. each company is 2.5% of the index. This allows all 40 companies an equal chance of contributing to the performance of the fund over time.

Why Choose Satrix Equally Weighted Top 40

Offers exposure to the small size risk premium, with less concentration in larger companies than market capitalisation weighted indicesBalanced exposure to the industry leaders across sectorsLower management fees which means more return for youSingle factor strategies, like the Satrix Equally Weighted Top 40, offer an effective means of gaining exposure to a particular factor or style in order to compliment or offset other exposures, and should form part of a well-diversified portfolio.

Investor Information As On 23 Apr 2024

Management Fee Direct to Retail Investor 0.45% + VAT
Management Fee via LISP 0.25% + VAT

Index Composition

  • Basic Materials 31.25%
  • Financials 24.65%
  • Consumer Staples 11.91%
  • Consumer Discretionary 6.66%
  • Technology 5.74%
  • Industrials 5.08%
  • Telecommunications 4.90%
  • Real Estate 4.59%
  • Health Care 2.68%
  • Energy 2.55%

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