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Satrix Money Market

If you’re not ready for the volatility of the stock market, or still undecided about what to invest in, this fund offers you an interest-like return which varies with money market rates.

This unit trust invests in a range of money market assets and is benchmarked against the STeFI (Short Term Fixed Interest) Index. The primary performance objective is to obtain as high a level of current income as is consistent with capital preservation and liquidity.

Why Choose Satrix Money Market

Earn a higher yield than you would in a typical cheque or savings account Experience higher income when interest rates rise Low level of risk that creates predictable investment returns

Investor Information As On 23 Apr 2024

Management Fee Direct to Retail Investor 0.25% + VAT

Index Composition

  • Banks 74.76%
  • Corporate Institutions 9.61%
  • Asset Backed Institutions 8.65%
  • Government 6.99%

Fund Documentation


Effective Annual Cost

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