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Satrix SmartCore™

A fund that targets a better return per unit of risk than the Satrix Capped SWIX All Share Index Fund by tilting exposure towards desired attributes, such as Momentum, Value and Quality.

The Satrix SmartCore™ Index Fund is designed to offer a diversified equity portfolio with the objective of enhancing returns relative to the FTSE/JSE Capped SWIX All Share Index. This is achieved by targeting stocks with particular positive exposures to multiple desired attributes, such as Momentum, Value and Quality. These attributes are rewarded drivers of returns and after when combined in a multi-factor approach, offer strong overall exposure to the desired risk factors, while simultaneously mitigating unintended exposures to unrewarded risk factors. Through the cycle, this strategy aims to deliver capital growth, while delivering positive risk-adjusted excess returns with robust risk control relative to the FTSE/JSE Capped SWIX All Share Index.

Why Choose Satrix SmartCore™

Aims to deliver long-term capital growth through the cycle in excess of the market Gain enhanced exposure to investment factors rewarded by the market Robust risk management for market-like returns with lower volatility

Index Composition

  • Financials 31.28%
  • Basic Materials 22.56%
  • Technology 13.09%
  • Telecommunications 10.49%
  • Consumer Staples 8.20%
  • Energy 5.00%
  • Consumer Discretionary 4.87%
  • Real Estate 2.66%
  • Industrials 1.85%

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Effective Annual Cost

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