Give Your Child the Gift That Lasts a Lifetime and You Could Win with Satrix

The earlier your children start investing, the more time they have for compound interest to work in their favour.

Celebrate our 23rd birthday this November, by investing for Your Child. 

Helping your child or children start their investment journey early is one of the greatest gifts – and it’s a gift that will keep on giving, in the form of capital growth, interest and dividends, for years to come. The earlier your children start investing, the more time they have for compound interest to work in their favour. There’s no better way to give them a good head start in life.  

This birthday month, we are excited to announce our 23rd birthday competition and invite you to participate! 

To celebrate our birthday in November, you could be eligible to win R5,000 deposited into your SatrixNOW minor account by investing in your minor child or children’s SatrixNOW minor account.  

How To Enter 

Already have a minor account for your child: If you have an investment account for your minor child (or children), deposit any amount during our competition period (17th October to 27th November), invest in any Satrix ETF or unit trust and you’ll automatically be entered into a free draw to win R5,000 (deposited into your minor account).  

You haven’t opened a minor account yet: If you don’t have a minor account for your child yet, open one during our competition period, fund and invest and you will still qualify for the draw!  

We will be doing a weekly draw for 6 weeks during our competition period from 17th October to 27th November 2023. 

Please familiarise yourself with the Competition Ts & Cs. 

Read more about investing for your minor children here.

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